Project Services


Maintenance Services (End of Life Equipment)

Basic manufacturer warranties are delivered on new hardware for the service life of the equipment. Once end of service life has been reach, the OEM warranties are no longer available and clients are left to find an alternative solution. This is where Valiant GS steps in and provides warranties on end of service life equipment.

Our clients have discovered that consolidating hardware maintenance across multiple vendor products for their datacenter equipment, desktops, departmental servers and peripherals not only improves vendor management efficiencies but also provides consistent procedures and deliverables that increase client satisfaction. This approach also eliminates finger pointing among multiple vendors, since all IT equipment is interconnected in today’s environment. Valiant GS’s Signature Service for multi‐vendor hardware maintenance offers a single source model that is designed to deliver consistent and reliable end‐to‐end technology support.

This model enables Valiant GS to extend the useful life of your IT assets which helps you to control your IT costs. Our single‐vendor model for comprehensive support across numerous manufacturers lets you focus your IT resources where your business needs them the most; driving productivity and innovation for your organization.

Virtually all brands of systems and hardware devices found in corporate datacenters and regional offices can be enrolled under a Valiant GS  support contract. This list includes everything from mission‐ critical enterprise servers, mainframes, desktops, laptops, tape and disk storage and all sizes and types of printers, as well as other peripherals such as network switches, routers, gateways, etc.

Customer Requirements

The customer is responsible for a variety of items to ensure successful support of the software and systems environment. The following are customer requirements:

 Provide current equipment lists including part numbers and serial numbers

 Provide current resource contacts including name, email, title, responsibility

 Overall IT environment summary and processes based on current documentation

 Defined benchmarks and targets to generate target return-on-investment metrics

Available Services

The Valiant GS suite of services provides for an integrated solution with a single point of contact for complete accountability. Implementation is simplified and successful with our integrated service offerings, industry knowledge, dedicated and experienced professionals and proven methodologies and processes. Valiant GS will help you save significant hard dollars with critical IT Equipment support 24x7x365.

Valiant GS Services Include

Maintenance Services: Hardware Maintenance, OS Support, Remote Field Replacement Unit, Preventive Maintenance and 24×7 on Call Support.

Staff Augmentation: Temporary Support, Contract to Hire, Direct Hire Services, Project Management Services and Staffing Assessment.

Professional Services: Data Center Deployment, IMAC-D, Software Implementation, Application Migration and Hardware Monitoring.