Enterprise IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

We work with the world’s smallest and largest enterprises.

Valiant Global Solutions will establish a long-term partnerships with our clients to design, implement, operate and measure their IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) programs across all locations worldwide. We understand the demands of large, global enterprises and have built our company specifically to meet their requirements.

You’ll have a dedicated Account Manager who is focused on serving you!
Our clients are assigned a dedicated Account Manager to serve as a single point of contact, providing personalized service and a documented escalation path, to facilitate service needs and resolve any issues that may arise. Your Account Manager will know you and ensure our service exceeds your expectations.

We are everywhere you need us to be.
We currently serve our customers in all over the US utilizing over 40 company and partner locations worldwide to meet your IT Asset Disposition needs. Our secure, full chain-of-custody framework provides accountability for each asset from pick-up through final disposition with detailed tracking information.

ITAD Services

De-Installation and Asset Removal
Valiant Global Solution’s onsite service technicians perform hardware de-installations and onsite serialized audits in the office and the data center. Our experienced technicians de-install over 50,000 servers annually from data centers around the world.

Onsite Data Erasure & Destruction
Valiant Global Solutions will ensure your company’s sensitive data is destroyed before it leaves your facility. We can erase, degauss or physically shred your media devices while you watch. For further information, please see Onsite Data Destruction Services.

Packing & Palletizing
Valiant Global Solution’s logistics team packs and palletizes all types of assets for secure shipment to the nearest processing center. Each asset is counted by asset type and listed on the Bill of Lading for customer signature prior to departure. Our dedicated trucks are sealed and tracked via GPS to ensure secure delivery.

Asset Processing
Every asset you send us is tracked transparently. At the processing center, each asset is audited and tracked throughout the disposition process. Our customers have a real-time view of processing via Valiant Global Solution’s customer portal. Client identification marks are removed, all data-bearing devices are erased and assets are processed to produce the highest value for our customers. Upon completion, clients receive a detailed Audit Report.

Refurbishment, Repair & Remarketing
We maximize your return. Assets that have remaining market value are tested, graded and refurbished for resale. Valiant Global Solutions resells tested functional assets via multiple retail, direct, and wholesale channels for maximum value recovery. Valiant Global Solutions also offers redeployment services for clients who prefer to reuse their assets internally.

De-manufacturing & Recycling
We responsibly recycle the rest. Equipment that is determined to have no aftermarket value is de-manufactured into dozens of commodities categories and recycled. Valiant Global Solution’s recycling processes are compliant with local, state, federal and international regulations and certified to the highest environmental standards. As a certified e-Stewards Recycler, Valiant Global Solution’s processes and downstream partners are audited at least annually to meet the highest standards for ethical and compliant recycling. For further information, please see e-Waste Recycling Services.