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Merchant Card Services

If you are already processing credit cards, no need to worry we will work with you to meet or beat your current processing rates and fees. If you are a new business or are not processing credits at this time, we guarantee to match the rates of any competitor out there.

We understand the right credit card processing acceptance system improves the relationship between business owners and their customers. As such, we provide solutions that are security-focused, affordable, and create efficiencies that allow businesses to grow.

Valiant GS offers the same pricing to smaller merchants that are offered to major chains and those with massive buying power.  We offer the most competitive credit card processing rates in the country along with the latest technology solutions in card processing devices. Valiant GS delivers solutions for conducting business transactions in a secure infrastructure with intelligence and insight for our merchants.

Merchant Card Services


Technology Leasing – The Smart Choice

When your business or customers require capital quickly, Valiant GS delivers the financing you need to help your company achieve its business objectives. Whether you are an equipment manufacturer, dealer or funding partner, we deliver the affordable financing solutions your customers’ need to keep their businesses growing. We know that running a business is challenging enough…getting the financing you need shouldn’t be. We provide business owners with customized financing products and services that keeps their businesses moving forward.

Our extensive lease and loan product offerings can be customized to ensure it is the perfect financing fit for exactly what your business needs capital for. We have designed our flexible equipment lease and loan payment plans to make the buying and selling of commercial equipment simple and more affordable. Once the equipment buying decision is made; without the capital needed to acquire it…everything comes to a stop. Our unique ability to provide access to credit right at the point of sale helps expedite the entire buying process.

By taking advantage of our short term working capital lending programs, businesses gain the flexibility to use our capital for whatever their business needs. When your business is faced with any type of cash flow emergency or you have the ability to take advantage of timely market opportunities but have limited capital resources…our loan options are ready to help you overcome your cash flow challenges. No matter what your financing needs are, contact Valiant GS and let our money help make you more money.

Technology Leasing