We provide solutions that allow all your "stuff" to work together.

Valiant GS


As a Microsoft Partner and a Microsoft Education Partner we are able to provide all the solutions for your business or academic institution.  These solutions will allow your team to work seamlessly globally.  Collaboration can’t get any easier.

Hardware & Software

Your business can purchase from our portal (1,100,000 items and growing) for all your IT needs.  No more searching many sites to find those products. We are authorized with Cisco, Dell, HP, Lenovo and many others.  Let us be your purchasing department.

Ennovox Cellular

We provide business class cellular services for your team.  Utilizing a reliable cellular network and all the devices that you need for your team, allows you to conduct business without missing calls or not being able to get your data.

IT Asset Disposition

Our asset disposition ensures your business if compliant with your e-waste management requirements.  No more worries of how to properly dispose of data in disposed electronic devices.  We take care of that for you.


We are authorized with over 36 service providers to ensure that all your communication needs are met.  This includes dedicated internet, fiber, DSL and business class cellular services.

Cloud and Hosted PBX

As your company transitions to cloud and hosted PBX solutions, we are right there to provide solutions that make this task seamless.  Our solutions will allow you the flexibility you need as your business grows.